Saturday, September 20, 2014

Summer in Seattle

I love summer in Seattle. Pretty much every winter I swear up and down that I'm going to move and get out of here and then summer hits and you can't get me out of the Pacific Northwest. I do love it here, but the grayness of our Seattle winters can really get a girl down. Not so in the summer!

Longboarding on Alki Beach. Wearing white Converse, engineer striped Levi's, black leather belt, red tank, aviators

My Sector 9 Longboard

I'm a pro haha

Get the look!
Converse classics in white are a must. Get yours  here  !

My Levi's were an Ebay find and are no longer available, but you can find similar styles at Saks or at
Abercrombie on sale now! The Kardashian Kollection also has a similar pair that are slightly darker at Sears. You can find them here.

A black belt, and aviators should be easy enough to find, and I always find engineer stripes look best with a  pop of bright color! I always lean toward red or pink :)

The photo below is something I just had to share. It's one of my favorite houses on Alki Beach. I'm in love with all the flowers decorating it. Flowers and plants everywhere!!

Justine and I made the trip out to the house she grew up in on Lake Sammamish for a day of swimming, headstands and cartwheels. We took these picture on her dock.

Justine posing on her dock

Tree pose on Justine's dock

I had to practice my head stands in her yard. As a naturalist I am fond of native vegetation, but I must admit I do miss having a nice grass backyard at times for things like headstands and cartwheels! Her dads perfectly manicured lawn was the perfect place for me to practice a bit. I'm pretty good at headstands - I held this one for close to a minute and probably could've held it longer, but I really need to work on my handstands too! My next house is going to have a good yard, not only for me but for my dog too!

Headstands :)

The day after, I was back at the beach! This time I went to Green Lake with my dear friend Kristian and her beautiful babies! I love kids, but I don't have any yet. Not quite ready for that in my life yet, but I get my baby fill with my friends kids. :) I had fun letting baby Thomas try on my sunglasses and taking some selfies with Kylie. 

I love that you can see Kristian and me in his (actually my hehe) sunglasses!

Best.Face.Ever. His not mine lol

Princess Kylie ;)