Sunday, August 10, 2014

An Ode to the Rainbow + OOTD post

This may sound like a funny post for people who have known me for a very long time because there was a time in my life when literally all I wore was black. I even dyed my hair black. And painted my nails black. And I wore so much black eyeliner I was literally unrecognizable. Let me tell you though, work in cosmetics and makeup for a few years and that will change your opinion on wearing black every day, since it is pretty much required at all makeup counters that you wear black. Every. Day. That gets old after a while. After this experience, I opened myself up to the whole wide world of color. And now I love it. :)

This post is basically a collection of imagery I've collected recently of some beautiful color. For starters, you have nature. I find myself drawn to pinks and purples in nature. 

Cherry trees blossoming at University of Washington campus in the springtime

Tulips in my front yard

Sunset over Safeco Field at a baseball game

My boyfriend and I were lucky enough to stumble upon this guy at at Golden Gardens in Seattle blowing enormous bubbles during a gorgeous sunset! We had to go play in them of course :)

I also find myself attracted to color in fashion and clothing. I recently discovered the wonder of Black Milk clothing and had to snag myself a pair of one of their most popular leggings, the Galaxy Purples!

Black Milk Galaxy Purple leggings worn with Minnetonka Triple Fringe Boots

For you astronomy buffs, the Black Milk galaxy leggings use real NASA photos from outer space for their prints! The Galaxy Purples show the horse head nebula. The photo below is my pair, showing the detail of the nebula!

The Horse Head Nebula on my Black Milk Galaxy Purple leggings

I recently found this tie dye dress by Gypsy Warrior, a pretty amazing shop. I kind of need it. It reminds me of the Unif tie dye stuff that's been coming out recently, but better :)

Gypsy Warrior tie dye dress, worn with a pretty amazing pair of sunglasses I think I need too

I've always loved colorful tattoos. I found this amazing mermaid tattoo photo on Instagram. It's a bit crazier than I would ever get a tattoo of, but man I wish I could find some leggings in this color and print! There are tons and tons of mermaid leggings out there, but I have yet to find any in colors this stunning. If any of you find any, let me know! I do make some clothing, and I may have to make a pair like this if I can ever find the fabric! 

Mermaid Legs Tattoos

Speaking of colorful tattoos, I have a pretty colorful on on my lower back. The following photos were taken during one of my first photoshoots with Lumina Photography. I'm an Aquarius, and this photo is kind of symbolic of the water bearer, the Aquarius zodiac sign. I got the idea from the Star Card in Aleister Crowley's tarot deck. I don't read anymore for personal reasons, but I love the symbolism and artistry of the deck and this card especially. 

My tattoo, photo copyright Lumina Photography

Final bit of color love before I get onto the outfit post! I have ALWAYS had a love for hair dye. I personally made the decision to quit dying my hair a few years back. I used to literally have a different color hair on a monthly basis. And I wondered why it wasn't growing lol. Now I only highlight about once a year in the winter to keep it bright, but after finding a new product that I've kind of fallen in love with (stay tuned for future posts, I may have to do a product love post), I may never even have to highlight again! Despite my personal decision to keep my own hair long, natural and healthy as possible, I can't help but die inside a little every time I see some brightly colored hair! Below are some examples that make my heart beat a little faster :)

Perfect teal, one of my favorite colors!

These are literally my favorite colors, all together on one head!

Probably one of the best brightly colored ombre's I have EVER seen

Rainbow hair, because how can you not?

Last but not least I wanted to include a few photos from a recent outfit shoot. Wearing Chaundry Kc boho skirt from Nordstrom, black crop top from H&M, shell necklace from Jewels by Park Lane, studded Flagstaff booties from Jeffrey Campbell (I can't get enough of these boots), and peacock feather earring from my own accessories line, A Feathered Fancy. 


Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell, Top: H&M, Skirt: ChaundryKc/Nordstrom

Necklace: Jewels by Park Lane, Earrings: A Feathered Fancy

I seriously can't stop wearing my new Jeffrey Campbell booties. Sorry but you will be seeing them A LOT for a while! The last photo definitely show my earrings the best. I have been creating my own accessories for a while now and started my line A Feathered Fancy, making jewelry and hair pieces, for a while now. I create custom pieces as well! If you're interested, feel free to contact me in the comments or on Facebook by clicking the badge below! 

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That's all for today! Ciao dolls!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Lace, Denim, and Studs

I had a few hours to spare the other day, so my boyfriend and I took a walk around Pike Place Market to get some food before work. I liked my outfit, so he took some snaps of me for another outfit post!

I was wearing skinny jeans, my Jeffrey Campbell Flagstaff studded booties, a white lace droptop from H&M, super old gold and black boho-y style necklace, vintage black belt, and carrying my studded purse from Forever21. 

I love these boots!

I started the day with my jeans cuffed, a) because it was freaking hot out, and b) cuz I tend to wear my jeans up over my ankles anyways. I am fairly tall so most jeans aren't long enough, but I also have tiny ankles, and skinny jeans rarely ever fit tightly around them.

We stopped for a quick bite to eat - had salmon and a cocktail! So goooood! We are so spoiled here in the Pacific Northwest with our seafood. 

This lavender cosmo was to die for! Any cocktail with lavender or ginger and I'm sold! Salmon (raw) with olive oil and capers and horseradish and dill... So good. I think almost all fish is best raw. I'm kind of a sushi connoisseur, as I'm sure will be noticed in future posts :)
H&M crop top, Gap jeans, Jeffrey Campbell Flagstaff booties, Forever 21 purse, vintage necklace, vintage belt, aviators

One thing about me: I really like taking shadow pictures. I have always found them rather artistic, but its an interesting way of remembering where you are. That and feet pictures. It is like a remembrance type of thing. I have some really awesome shadow pictures from Japan, and when I went skydiving the one photo I really wanted to take was a picture of my Converse, 2000 feet above the ground. I'm weird like that....

Thanks for checking out my blog, have a rockin' day :)


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