Monday, August 4, 2014

Lace, Denim, and Studs

I had a few hours to spare the other day, so my boyfriend and I took a walk around Pike Place Market to get some food before work. I liked my outfit, so he took some snaps of me for another outfit post!

I was wearing skinny jeans, my Jeffrey Campbell Flagstaff studded booties, a white lace droptop from H&M, super old gold and black boho-y style necklace, vintage black belt, and carrying my studded purse from Forever21. 

I love these boots!

I started the day with my jeans cuffed, a) because it was freaking hot out, and b) cuz I tend to wear my jeans up over my ankles anyways. I am fairly tall so most jeans aren't long enough, but I also have tiny ankles, and skinny jeans rarely ever fit tightly around them.

We stopped for a quick bite to eat - had salmon and a cocktail! So goooood! We are so spoiled here in the Pacific Northwest with our seafood. 

This lavender cosmo was to die for! Any cocktail with lavender or ginger and I'm sold! Salmon (raw) with olive oil and capers and horseradish and dill... So good. I think almost all fish is best raw. I'm kind of a sushi connoisseur, as I'm sure will be noticed in future posts :)
H&M crop top, Gap jeans, Jeffrey Campbell Flagstaff booties, Forever 21 purse, vintage necklace, vintage belt, aviators

One thing about me: I really like taking shadow pictures. I have always found them rather artistic, but its an interesting way of remembering where you are. That and feet pictures. It is like a remembrance type of thing. I have some really awesome shadow pictures from Japan, and when I went skydiving the one photo I really wanted to take was a picture of my Converse, 2000 feet above the ground. I'm weird like that....

Thanks for checking out my blog, have a rockin' day :)


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