Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Graduation (very late post)

So I am restarting my blog! I am just going to go back in time a little and start with graduation (a month late! lol I'll catch up soon enough!). I figure that would be a good time to start since before that I just plain had wayyyy too much on plate to even begin to think about keeping up on a blog...

So I graduated! I got my bachelor of science in environmental science and resource management with a minor in marine biology. Obviously, nature posts will be a part of future blog posts, since it is definitely one of my passions. So here's some of my favorite photos from graduation, which, by the way, we totally got to dress however we wanted for! Yay for low-maintenace majors!!!
Justine and I were sooooo stoked!!!

So happy!

I did it!

The required class photo

And of course a picture with Dubs! (UW's mascot!!!) I literally got the best photo anyone has ever gotten with Dubs. Yaaaaay! :)

I had a lot of family come up. This is me with my Aunt Lorna and cousin Freddie on UW Campus. UW has the most beautiful campus! 

And of course me in front of the fountain as well :)

I liked my outfit a lot that day. I was wearing my vintage fringe cowboy boots that I stole from my mom's closet. They're amazing. I was wearing a black dress with a vintage crochet vest (can't see it in this photo but I'm wearing it in the photos above. It was chilly so I was glad I brought my new Kensie sweater. My Aunt Lorna had just bought it for me. I LOVE the color. Topped it off with a black scarf and my H&M purse. I'm also wearing a long strand of faux pearls, my new single pearl necklace my parents got me for graduation, my onyx ring and my amber ring, and basic black earrings.  Part of my blog is going to be fashion related, posting OOTD and cool fashion things I see. But back to graduation...

It was really good to see my family. They live practically on the other side of the country, so I don't get to see them very often. And I can't even remember the last time I had both my Aunts in town at the same time!

As required, I made sure to go out for drinks one night with my little brother. He just got out of the military, so it's kind of like a celebration for him too... And tequila happened. :)

My boyfriend and I have a pet snake, and we managed to get both my little brother and my dad to hold it. He's a red tail boa and he is huge! He's probably close to 7 feet long right now. His name is Milo, and we actually think he's a she, but I'm so used to calling it a him that I just don't even bother. Telling the gender of a snake is apparently kind of difficult.

My dad looks nervous...

Well, there we go. My first blog post! I'm probably going to do my next blog post on the car show my boyfriend and I went to. I am a big fan of classic cars! More to come!


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